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The Zone diet bases its eating strategies on the premise that 100,000 years ago we were basically meat eaters, our systems designed to handle the demands of a meat based diet. Zone devotees believe our systems are not designed to handle the heavy loads of carbohydrates that have been introduced into our daily diets. Lean proteins and natural carbohydrates, like fruits and vegetables, are the main dietary items in this program.

Insulin secretion is stimulated by carbohydrate consumption. With limited ability to store those carbs, the insulin goes to work saving them as fat. So those cookies you binged on might be stored as fat for the rest of your life. Low carbohydrates, proteins, and dietary fat can control insulin production, keeping insulin in a range that allows your body to burn excess body fat.

This plans requires careful monitoring of carbohydrate intake and relies on more lean protein consumption than many are used to.

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