What exactly is fat?

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We use the word “fat” in a variety of situations, but for purposes of understanding weight gain and loss, fat is the term used to describe the glycerides of fatty acids. Fat is in just about everything that we consume. The problem with fat is that it has a high density of calories per gram, especially in comparison to carbohydrates or protein.

The whole problem with fat is that it is easier to acquire than it is to burn. What our bodies don’t use up is stored in tissues and shows up as weight gain. If you want to lower your weight, you need to address the issue of how many calories you are receiving from fat. The less fat you consume, the less calories you accumulate.

Health guidelines usually recommend about fifteen percent of calories from fat per day. Checking fat content of all products and curbing the consumption of red meats and dairy products can be a simple way to lowering fat content in your diet. If you are maintaining your present weight but want to lose pounds, eliminating meat or replacing high fat content foods could trim those extra pounds.

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