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Are you one of the thousands of morbidly obese people who are considering weight loss surgeries? Are weight loss surgeries for you? Just that small phrase sends chills through my body, weight loss surgeries.

Weight loss surgeries, there are various procedures out there, however the most common type of weight loss surgeries procedure is known as R.G.B. or Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass. This is the most commonly preformed type of weight loss surgeries in America today. One reason weight loss surgeries are getting so popular today. It is estimated that over 300,000 deaths occur annually in America due to morbid obesity.

This weight loss surgeries procedure limits how much food can be eaten, as well as how much will be absorbed by the body. Weight loss surgeries do carry risks, including blockage, infections, and nutritional deficiencies. Then because these weight loss surgeries can cause nutritional deficiencies you can also suffer from anemia, hair loss, osteoporosis as well as other problems.



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