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Sometimes the idea of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes can seem overwhelming, but don’t feel like you have to make major changes all at once. Even small adjustments to your eating and exercise habits can pay off in weight loss and overall better health.

If you drink soft drinks at work or dinner, start by replacing one soda with unsweetened tea or water. Make your goal to eliminate those “empty” calories. Consider smaller portions at every meal. Many times we feel compelled to eat all of the serving presented to us at a restaurant because we are paying for it. Think about taking half home; your payoff will be two meals for the price of one and less calories per day in the bargain.

Exercise daily, even if it means dancing around while you dust the living room. If you feel hungry, try getting up and walking around the house. Go to the kitchen and munch on some raw vegetables. You’ll be surprised how small, gradually changes can lead to life long changes.

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