Why Skipping Meals on a diet or Fasting Isnít the Answer!


It is always a temptation to skip a meal, particularly after you may have indulged a little too much. Skipping meals or fasting often leads to unhealthy or binge eating patterns. Skipping meals ends up throwing off your diet, and it usually causes you to consume more calories than if you had eaten the missed meal in the first place!

When you skip a meal or two, your body, which has adapted to certain eating patterns, sends out the signal of fuel. You may be able to resist snacking for a short time, but sooner or later, you will eat. More than likely, what you choose to eat will be too much and too high in calories. It is so easy to stuff that cupcake in your mouth when you are starving because you havenít eaten anything all day. Sometimes you can even rationalize that since you havenít eaten lunch that the cupcake doesnít matter. But your body knows better!

If you have overeaten the day before or at your last meal, scale back your next meal. Have a smaller portion, but make sure you eat a well-balanced meal. Skipping meals or fasting causes your body to call out for more fuel, and you end up eating more to curb your cravings. In the end you canít make up for extra calories by skipping meals. Sensible eating in a consistent manner is the best plan.
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