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A sugar substitute called maltitol is one which you might not have much familiarity yet. The reason you might not know much about maltitol is because rather than being marketed as an individual product, maltitol is generally used in processed, prepared or cooked foods. The taste of maltitol is naturally sweet much like regular sucrose which makes it a versatile sugar alternative.

Even though maltitol tastes like sugar, it is actually one of a group of bulk sweeteners known as polyols, which are sugar alcohols. An interesting component of maltitol is that it can be used effectively by itself or in combination with other sweeteners. Another feature of maltitol is that it does not caramelize as other sugars. This characteristic allows maltitol to also be an effective fat replacement in certain foods because it gives provides a smooth, creamy texture.

Some foods in which maltitol is used are sugarless chewing gum, bakery foods, hard candies and ice cream. One specific category often sweetened with maltitol is sugar-free chocolate candies and confections. The creamy texture of maltitol lends it very well to sweetening chocolate-flavored sweets. A premium benefit associated with maltitol is that it does not promote tooth decay. The FDA has approved the labeling of products containing maltitol with its support of the claim that maltitol can be useful in maintaining good dental health.

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