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Diets high in fiber have been shown to lower the risks for many types of cancers, such as colon, pancreas, and breast cancers. Studies have shown that increased fiber helps ward off heart disease, heart attacks, and lowers cholesterol. While some research shows that a high fiber diet many reduce the risk of obesity, high fiber diets are not know for their weight loss advantages.

Oats, fruits, vegetables and legumes are stables of a high fiber diet, aiding in digestion and making the body feel full. Foods to avoid are those made with processed grains. Things like white flour or white rice contain very little fiber. Fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended over processed juices, which lose their fiber content in processing.

Be advised that while High Fiber Diets are rich in vitamins and minerals, such a diet restricts the absorption of minerals, so a multi-mineral supplement would be a good idea.

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