Healthy Choices for Dieting Out

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For many, eating out or a run through the drive-thru seems like a necessity or a welcomed luxury in our fast-paced society. While it may seem hard to make healthy choices in restaurants, it’s not impossible. If you follow a few smart ordering tips, you can have a satisfying and healthy meal.

Since restaurant portions are generally larger than those we eat at home, check to see if the establishment serves lunch or half portions of your favorite dish. If not, take half of it home for tomorrow’s lunch. Consider soup and salad instead of a full entrée, and opt for fruit or frozen yogurt for dessert.

Think substitutes. Egg substitutes or egg white omelets save on cholesterol, while ketchup or mustard is a better caloric choice than mayo. Baked or grilled meats or fish are widely offered at nearly all restaurants, and they are lower in fat and calories. Trade your sofa dink for water or unsweetened tea.

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