GrapeFruit Diet(Food Specific Diets) Review

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Food specific diets such as the Grapefruit, or fad diets, focus on one specific food group as the solution to our weight loss struggles. We’ve all heard of someone who claims that just eating one kind of fruit or nothing but cookies is the ideal weight plan.

There is no one food that has magical properties to cause fat to melt off. If there were, we would have known about it before now! Eating one food item will get old quickly. Soon your body will be craving something else, and it probably won’t be a nutritionally sound choice.

A healthy diet that includes foods from each of the major food groups, eaten in moderation, is a far more effective means of losing and maintaining weight loss. A good diet and daily exercise, in the end, will get you to your weight goal a whole lot faster than a daily diet of turnips!

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