The Fruitarian Diet

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If you’ve seen, heard or read any interviews recently, you know that some celebrities are opting for fruitarian dieting. You may be surprised to learn that fruitarian is not just a new Hollywood fad diet. The fruitarian diet, or the practice of not eating anything that must be killed or as a fruitarian explains it, maimed in order to be consumed is an option, which more and more people are choosing.

The fruitarian lifestyle is an ancient concept, even if you are just learning the idea of being fruitarian. A true fruitarian does not even eat vegetables, but rather believes that the act of removing the vegetable from its roots injures it. And that is against the fruitarian concept of rendering no death or injury to anything in order to consumer it. The tomato and avocado are exceptions to this fruitarian rule since they can be categorized as either fruit or vegetable.

While the fruitarian diet may initially seem sparse, the fruitarian does have some variety in options for food choices. Nuts provide the fruitarian with required sources of protein and the fruitarian can choose from any variety of nuts. Grains and pasta are permitted and even suggested in a balanced fruitarian diet. Eggs can also be eaten as long as they are produced by organically grown chickens rather than ones purchased in supermarkets.


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