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Fasting weight loss to cleanse the body and jumpstart a weight loss diet has been recommended for years. However the reality is that fasting weight loss deprives the body of nutrients. The actual result of fasting weight loss is low energy,weakness, and light headedness, not real weight loss.

Any actual weight loss when fasting weight loss is water and muscle, NOT FAT, and you regain the weight once you start eating again. Also fasting weight loss does not clear toxins from the body either. Actually its just the opposite, Ketones can build up when carbohydrates are not available for energy, and that massing of keytones stresses the kidneys and can ultimately be harmful to your health.

If you fast for weight loss, you may drop pounds, but some of that weight will be muscle and most of it will be water. As you can see fasting weight loss can actually be detrimental to your health. You need to eat protein foods such as lean meat, eggs low-fat milk or fat free milk, or legumes (beans and peas) or you will be thin and weak and flabby. So I would say fasting weight loss is pretty much a thing of the past and thats where it should stay.



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