Every Little Bite Counts


No detail is too small to count when you are dieting. Success is in the details. Sometimes we get so caught up in the big race toward our ideal weight loss that we forget that we get to the finish line one step at a time. Each small calorie-cutting gesture you make pays off in weight loss and a better awareness of healthy eating habits.

Replace your regular soda with a diet drink or, better yet, water. Use low calorie sweetener instead of sugar. Try skim or 1% milk in your coffee instead of the packaged dairy creamer. Instead of eating a mid-morning snack from the vending machine at work, take a small container of raw veggies or fruit with you.

Aside from calorie counting, incorporate exercise into your everyday routines. Pass up the elevator and take a few flights of stairs. Walk to lunch and back. Once you get home, consider walk around the block or walking in place whenever you are talking on the phone or during the commercial breaks of your favorite television shows.

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