Counting Calories on a diet


The food we eat supplies us with the energy our bodies need to survive. One way of measuring that energy is a calorie count. Your body either burns the calories you eat through physical activity, or it stores those calories as fat to be used later. The challenge for those wanting to lose weight is to burn more calories than they eat, but burning calories is much harder than eating that creampuff or double cheeseburger.

What is the ideal calorie intake per day? That depends on your gender, weight, and level of physical activity. The National Institutes of Health’s calorie count of between 800 and 1200 for women and 1000 to 1500 for men is a good place to start. Make sure your calories are coming from each of the basic food groups.

Simply reducing your calories from 2000 to 1500 can trim one pound in one week. A few changes in diet (water instead of soda) and daily exercise combined can add up to additional weight loss each week.

There are loads for low fat or no-fat products on the market that can help you cut out calories, but remember that they still have calories. Sometimes the idea of low fat potato chips lures people into eating a whole bag. Make wise decisions on how to consume your allotted daily calories.

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