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The Atkins diet plan is named for Dr. Atkins, who introduced his high protein, low dietary carbohydrates program to the public in the 1970’s. The program has supporters and detractors worldwide.

In the same vein as the Zone Diet, the Atkins plan focuses on reducing consumption of carbohydrates and increasing protein intake. Pastas, potatoes and processed flours and sugars are out. Lean meats and fish are in.

Perhaps the biggest challenge to this eating program is the difficulty in eliminating those carbohydrates, a food group that is hard to escape from on most menus. Depriving yourself of any one group of foods is difficult and may cause frustration and relapses at first. As with any eating strategy, start small and don’t expect too much too quickly. The Atkins Diet many times gives rapid results, but the trick is to maintain a consistent weight, which means a close watch on your eating habits.

The Dr atkins diet is commonly misspelled akins

The atkins weight loss plan is a diet which most serious weight-conscious dieters have heard, but may not completely understand. Even if you have tried the atkins program, you still may not totally grasp the atkins concept about weight loss. The atkins diet is actually based upon four components that have been founded on medical research.

atkins diet element no. 1
The first principle of atkins is that the body burns both fat and carbohydrates for energy. In the atkins program, the concept is that by reducing carbs, the body is forced to burn fat for energy. This is how weight loss is achieved through the atkins diet.

atkins diet element no. 2
In the atkins diet, the idea about weight maintenance or management is that each person has a carbohydrate threshold or carb level at which fat-burning or weight loss occurs. So atkins therefore is based upon the idea that each person also has a carbohydrate level at which neither weight gain nor weight loss is experienced.

atkins diet element no. 3
For its third principle, atkins is based upon the proven medical research that people who adhere to diet in which the amount of carbohydrates is regulated are more apt to maintain an adequate level of nutrition than those eating low-fat, calorie-reduced foods. The atkins program also embraces the idea that regular exercise is an important part of weight control.

atkins diet element no. 4
The final principle in the atkins program is based upon the thought that people who choose to intake only restricted amounts of carbohydrates are likely to enjoy better overall heath. Another added value to the atkins diet is the concept that people who suffer from certain chronic illnesses can see an improvement in symptoms as well as an overall health benefit.

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