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A prominent nutritionist, ann louise gittleman is a also a licensed physician. The women’s health information and advice provided by ann louise gittleman is a comprehensive resource of valuable knowledge respected by many women. The specific areas in which ann louise gittleman has concentrated her efforts are women’s hormonal health and weight management. Throughout her career, ann louise gittleman has counseled a various range of patients and clients, of both celebrity and non-celebrity status.

The name ann louise gittleman may be one which you have heard recently from the Dr. Phil Show. For more than twenty years, ann louise gittleman has been a frequent guest on several syndicated radio and television talk shows. MSNBC, Fox News, Good Morning America and The View are just some of the shows that ann louise gittleman has appeared. Publications such as The New York Times, USA Weekend, Cosmopolitan and Women’s World have either quoted ann louise gittleman or featured the work of ann louise gittleman in their various issues.

“The Fat Flush Plan” is a recent book that ann louise gittleman published. It became the bestselling new diet book in 2002. In this book, ann louise gittleman bases her weight loss approach on a system of eating proportionate amounts of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates for creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only does this ann louise gittleman book have new meal plans and recipes, but ann louise gittleman also offers an innovative lifestyle plan for ongoing weight loss and weight management as well.

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