Akins diet "atkins diet" misspelled

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When considering the akins diet, you may have been met with disapproving remarks by those with whom we have tried to discuss it. Negative comments about akins are generally made by people who have never been on the akins program or who have never researched the akins method of weight loss. Before making a decision about whether the akins program is right for you, explore some of the myths you might have heard about akins by reading these important clarifications about akins.
akins myth no. 1
The akins diet leaves you tired.
truth about akins
You may be tired for a few days, but this happens because your body is switching from burning carbohydrates to burning fat. After three or four days on the akins diet, you will probably have more energy because you have rebalanced and stabilized your blood sugar.

akins myth no. 2
On the akins program, you have to eat much protein, which is bad for the kidneys.

truth about akins
This myth is one repeated, but unfounded. There are no studies proving that the level of protein consumed on the akins program cannot be adequately handled by the kidneys. The only exceptions are in people who are already suffering from seriously advanced kidney diseases prior to following the akins principles in dieting.

akins myth no. 3
You will crave sweets even more if you go on the akins diet.

truth about akins
Craving sweets while on the akins program results from the body’s dependency upon carbohydrates. Just as an alcoholic craves alcohol when the body is detoxified from the alcohol, a person who restricts carbohydrates will experience a period of craving. Likewise, with the alcoholic who continues to abstain from alcohol, the dieter following akins will experience diminished cravings for sugar. By not returning to previous eating habits and sticking with the akins plan, sugar cravings will pass.

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Akins diet "atkins diet" misspelled

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