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Is dieting one of those areas that have zoned-out on during the holidays? If so, you may be ready to zone-in on the 40 30 30 weight loss plan. What’s the 40 30 30 weight loss plan? The 40 30 30 weight loss plan is simply a pseudonym or another name for the Zone Diet which represents the proportionate values of each food group from which you eat on the 40 30 30 plan.

Why the 40 30 30 ratios? The Zone Diet is based upon the concept that 40% of your daily diet should be protein, 30% should be protein, and 30% should be fat. Since too much fat is not good for losing and maintaining weight, the 40 30 30 ratios limits the amount of fat taken in each day. The 40 30 30 diet plan also takes into account that a calculated amount of proteins and carbohydrates are necessary each day.

While the 40 30 30 diet does allow 30% of your daily diet to be carbohydrates, it also makes use of the fact that not all carbs are the same. The 40 30 30 plan specifies eating good carbs In other words, in the 40 30 30 makes you aware of the different kinds of cards and their glycemic index, meaning which carbs help control high sugar levels and combat high cholesterol.

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